Nature conservation to be considered perhaps a stand-alone issue, but today we can simply no longer think this way. Protecting nature is not in competition with any of the SDGs. They all have to be dealt with together.
― Inger Andersen - UN Under-Secretary-General and UNEP Executive Director

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Grassroots nature conservation organisations have an integral role to play in enabling conservation that is comprehensive, community-centred and contextual. Upon research and personal engagement with conservation-focused NGOs, we identified problems faced in terms of capacity-building and fundraising, which impacts the depth and scale of their initiatives. Supporting these grassroots organisations with funding and resources would help amplify the impact of their work.

Naturefuture is a platform operated by Earthfuture foundation a not for profit organisation. We recognise the potential for CSR and philanthropy to be a part of the solution and enable impactful long-term conservation work through funding and support. We have an understanding of what funders are looking for while deciding to fund a project. Thus, we have tailored solutions that are a win-win for both funders and NGOs.

How this platform works

Biodiversity and well-functioning ecosystems are the very foundation of our economy and well-being. We believe there is immense potential for CSR and philanthropy to be a part of furthering grassroots community conservation initiatives. Nature conservation needs a better share of the pie.

  • Curate - We curate projects which are vetted by experts to assure credibility, effectiveness and impact.
  • Personalise - We offer personalised consultations to understand funders’ goals and values and match them with projects they resonate with.
  • Facilitate - We facilitate conversations and partnerships between funders and NGOs

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Panel of technical advisers

  • Nirmal Kulkarni

  • Tiasa Adhya

Executing team

  • Mitesh Damania


  • Dipal Damania


Our guiding principles

Here’s how we enable funders to invest consciously and amplify conservation efforts


Prioritize understanding and respecting the diverse perspectives and challenges of all stakeholders involved.


Operate openly, sharing information and decisions while being accountable for our actions.


Remain committed to our mission despite obstacles, pursuing diligently, overcoming rejection, nurturing long-term connections and remaining adaptable in the face of challenges.


Approach our work with openness to learning, recognizing the complexity of conservation efforts.

Credible projects

Team Naturefuture sources credible and impactful biodiversity and conservation projects that are in alignment with sustainability and conservation goals and tailors them to CSRs and philanthropies goals. We collaborate extensively with NGOs, gaining insight in to their grassroots effort. Additionally, a team of experts evaluates projects and provides recommendation, if any, to NGO partners to maximize their impact.
We recommend that the funders undertake their own due diligence and field visits to get comprehensive understanding of the project’s scope and impact.

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