Non Profits

These organisations are contributing to contextual, inclusive and community-oriented biodiversity and ecosystem conservation

Human & Environment Alliance League (HEAL), a charitable trust founded in 2017, has a primary mission of addressing critical conservation challenges that pose a threat to the ecological well-being of eastern India.

West Bengal
Habitat conservation, Human animal conflict, Species protection

Forest First has 13+ years of experience in land restoration and habitat conservation, working in alignment with UN SDG-15. FFS has been conserving degraded lands invaded by invasive species by implementing various proven scientific techniques. In the process, a diversity of over 150 native/RET tree species of Western Ghats have been conserved.

Habitat Restoration

Mhadei Research center seeks to establish the firm foundations of carrying out field projects related to conservation, biology and data collection and help maintain the stock of biological wealth. We also seek to seek to document people’s knowledge of the biodiversity, build bridges between modern day scientific techniques and traditional knowledge

Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra
Habitat conservation, Human animal conflict, Species protection

Earth Focus was born out of a belief that empowering indigenous, tribal communities is key to Kanha wildlife Sanctuary’s conservation and nature-based economy. Our holistic model currently focuses on education and livelihoods built around landscape restoration in the park’s buffer zone.

Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh
Tribal Education, Tribal Livelihood, Agro forestry

Wildlife Research and Conservation Society (WRCS) was established in 2005 for conserving wildlife and biodiversity based on scientific principles and scientific information. We work areas of Tiger conservation in Melghat, Study of Forest Owlet, Human elephant conflict, Conservation of private forests in Western Ghats and Conservation of corridors for large carnivores in Western Ghats.

Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh
Habitat conservation, Human animal conflict, Species protection

Palluyir means ‘biodiversity’ or ‘all of life’ in Tamil. Palluyir Trust for Nature Education and Research was registered in 2021 and is based in Chennai. Our goal is to create diverse nature-education resources, curricula and interfaces; work with children and public across ages and social backgrounds.

Tamil Nadu
Nature education

GWT is a young, growing organisation committed to work towards nature conservation. The organisation believes in a holistic approach towards conservation and hence the conservation projects are multi-faceted and have multi-fold benefits; be it health and hygiene; or education; or livelihoods; or woman empowerment.

Tribal Education, Tribal Livelihood, Habitat restoration, Species conservation